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I have come to the conclusion as I’m sure many of you have that I cannot be bound by the confines of this world and the society around me. The world in general and particularly American society is set up to make each and every one of us wage slaves and cogs in their machine. If you are to allow yourself to be consigned to this role you will never truly experience your life or learn to shine and thrive as an individual! This is not to say that you can’t enjoy your life, simply that you will never reach your full potential unless you find what makes you you, determine your true calling, embrace it, live it and shine like the unique individual (star) that you were meant to be.

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Learning to Shine

We are all stars
We are all stars

Learning to shine is the ultimate thing we should strive to do as human beings yet the majority of us do not. It is too easy to get caught up in work, finances, family life and all of the day to day stress and anxiety that comes with living in today’s society. In this environment it is absolutely essential that you take time to explore yourself and find your true calling in life. The problem is for most that is much easier said than done. Even worse many of us that do realize our true calling never pursue it. Now is the time to put an end to lost hopes and dreams.  I want you to follow me on this journey and realize your full potential as the star that you are and were always meant to be.


I've been through the darkness of night
I’ve been through the darkness of night

My name is Jason Fink and I am here to tell you that I have been through the darkness of night, bad relationships, crappy jobs, unrealized dreams and then some. All these things that I once considered failures in my life have brought me to this point. I had to start a new journey in life, one that is real and will bring true happiness.


Bad Relationship With Personality Disordered Person – New Song First Video Release

This song was written about being in, and getting out of a bad relationship with someone with a personality disorder… Let me know what you think. Should I post more videos of my music? LoL You know I will anyway 🙂 Seriously though if you have ever been in this kind of relationship you know …

What Would You be If You Didn’t Have to be “You”? Time To Get Real!

The Premise… This may sound like a silly question and of course you are always you, but what I mean is what would you do if you weren’t limited by your own personal talents or skill sets? If you weren’t limited by anything for that matter. Think about it for a minute.. Are you having …


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