The benefits of being out of work

While being unemployed is not a preferable situation and can be extremely stressful, there is another side to it. I am currently in this situation, I have to admit in many ways unemployment sucks and is perhaps one of the scariest, most uncertain times in my life thus far. However.. I have found several upsides and I strongly feel that this time in my life is ultimately going to change me for the better.

Time to clear your head & evaluate your true purpose in life:
     While you are out of work obviously you have time to think. While a lot of these thoughts will inevitably evolve out of fear, worry & possibly self doubt, if you breathe for a minute and stay positive it gives you a chance to turn these negatives into positives. I believe making a point to take time to clear your head is essential while you are unemployed. You can do this by simply doing something that relaxes you, whether it be taking a walk, a hot bath, working out, or even  listening to your favorite music. While you are doing this concentrate on what is unique and positive about yourself. Think about things that you enjoy doing and what makes you happy. Clearing your head and evaluating your true purpose in life while you are out of work will help you make better decisions about what you want to do  in the future as well as help you decide whether it is time to make a career change or not.

Time to pursue your hobbies and passions:
     Pursuing your hobbies and passions in life is always important to develop yourself as a person but it is even more important when you are out of work. Not only is it fun but it helps you develop a sense of who you are and what you really want to do in life. Take advantage of this during your unemployment and have some fun!

More time with family/friends:
     Being unemployed gives you time to reconnect and strengthen relationships with family and friends. Take advantage of this. Just think of all the times you wanted to connect but couldn’t because you were busy with work, too tired from work or had to get to bed early because you had work in the morning.You don’t have to worry about this for the time being! This also has the added plus of giving you a support group to help you through your period of unemployment.

Time to help others:
Take some time to help others, not only is it rewarding and makes you feel good about yourself… It helps other people! If your like me there have been countless times that you simply couldn’t  due to other obligations. While you are unemployed, when opportunity presents itself or you can make an opportunity, take the time to help someone with something.

A chance to try new things:
     All of us have new things we would love to try. Maybe you want to try your hand at writing, start a blog (lol), play an instrument or anything within reason and your budget of course take some time while you are out of work to try it! This time also gives you the possibility of changing your career path and trying something new in that respect.

An opportunity to change your life:
Ultimately unemployment gives you a new lease on life if you let it. You have a chance to clear your head, get introspective, develop further as a person and possibly find your true purpose in life.  Being unemployed can be a positive life changing experience  if you do it right. Don’t let losing your job, or quitting your job for all the right reasons destroy you let it transform you.

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    1. Thanks for the comment 🙂 I’m glad you like the site. I have only been blogging for a short time so I’m still learning.. but if nothing else it feels good to write and get my thoughts out, I’m looking to get a lot more in depth in the future.

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